Founded On The Vision Of Building The Next Great American Luxury Brand.

Niall was founded by Michael Wilson in 2012 on the vision of building the next great American luxury brand. After four years of R&D and collaboration with the American aerospace industry, Michael launched Niall as one of the first companies to manufacture everything, except the movement, in the United States. Driven by a passion for manufacturing, Michael leads Niall with a steadfast focus on doing whats right, being patient and never settling while in the pursuit of producing gram for gram the best watches in the world.


Driven By Swiss Standards

Dominik Maerki, Chief Watchmaker and Head of Production at Niall brings value no other American brand can claim - the savoir-faire of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Dominik began his career as a Certified Swiss Watchmaker at the School Zeitzentrum, in Grenchen, Switzerland. After his apprenticeship at Eterna Movement, SA Dominik went on to become one of the youngest production managers at Omega, SA - the second largest luxury watchmaker in the world. After transferring to Swatch Group, USA in Miami, Florida, Dominik reached out to Founder Michael Wilson to share his passion and contribute to the vision of building a luxury watch company in America.

Beyond unparalleled experience, know-how and Swiss work ethic, Dominik is a competitive curler. Winning in the Swiss National Curling Championship in 2013 and taking home a Bronze Medal in the 2014 World's Men's Curling Championship in Beijing.


Taking Hold In The Crossroads Of America.

Kansas City is a booming entrepreneurial center where people create the future every day. Niall is proud to call America’s heartland our home, and delighted to showcase the collaboration and innovation that our community thrives on. Home to the birthplace of Google Fiber, great companies like Garmin and H&R Block, Niall's roots carry both Midwest values and entrepreneurial fortitude. 

Niall started inside a century-old spring works factory in the Crossroads Art District building in the now critically acclaimed and historic building - 1810 Cherry. Today, Niall resides in North Kansas City, MO a booming industrial district north of the city dedicated to next generation manufacturing. 


Lineage & Heritage

Giant's Causway, Northern Ireland

The name Niall is drawn from the paternal lineage of founder Michael Wilson. Genetic testing traced Wilson’s family heritage to Niall Noigiallach, the legendary fourth century High King of Ireland and paternal ancestor of the O’Neil royal dynasty. Niall’s quest to build an empire for his people and a legacy for his name stands true to our mission as well. You’ll see it reflected in the design of our products, our drive to succeed and the values we live by.


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